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5 Proven Methods to Get Longer Eyelashes

If you've tried everything to obtain longer lashes, know that you're not alone—we've done the same. And we know how aggravating it may be when you don't get the results you desire despite attempting every old wives' tale in the book.
Of course, there are a slew of “old wives' tales” floating around the internet, such as using lemon juice (yuck), Vaseline on your lashes, and “massaging” the lash line. The problem is that these procedures haven't been proven to work—and may even injure your eye area and lash line in the process. It's best to follow what the professionals advise and what has been proven to work. Let's be honest, we've already put our lashes through enough. That's why we turned to the experts to find out what can genuinely make your eyelashes grow longer—thankfully, lemon juice isn't on the list.
1. Preventing Breakage Through Proper Grooming
The best thing you can do to help your lashes grow out is to be gentle with them. Choose a makeup remover that is mild and a mascara that is easy to remove. Waterproof formulations are useful for specific instances, but the removal process isn't ideal.
Also:  keep the lash curler away from your eyes. While regrowing your lashes, avoid using a lash curler that could cause damage to your natural lashes by brushing them regularly to avoid breakage and taking biotin supplements for good measure.
Another item to stay away from? Adhesive for lashes. (The pain you experience when you remove your falsies after a night out is real, and the glue could be harming your lashes in the long run.) Essentially, none of these "quick treatments" are good for the long-term health of your natural lashes.
2. Make an appointment with your dermatologist to discuss a lash growth serum (They Really Work)
There are many lash-growth serums on the market that have been confirmed to work. Bimatoprost, the active ingredient in many serums like Careprost, has been proven in clinical research to lengthen, thicken, and darken eyelashes. It works by increasing the amount of time the follicle stays in the growth phase.
Many professionals consider Careprost eyelash serum  to be the "gold standard," but it's important to speak with a dermatologist first and do your study before choosing.
A number of over-the-counter cosmetic items claim to increase eyelash length, fullness, and/or blackness. These products contain a variety of components such as "proprietary peptides," "natural extracts," and "vitamins," but because they're officially "cosmetics," their efficacy and safety haven't been studied.
As a result, it's important to keep in mind that some of the over-the-counter lash serums on the market haven't been well researched. The mechanisms affecting eyelash growth are mainly unknown and unverified. These goods also differ in terms of the quality and breadth of consumer education on their use.
Starr agrees that doing research on which lash serums are genuinely effective—and, more importantly, safe for your eye area—is important. Many lash preparations on the market contain dangerous substances that might cause long-term damage. Although they can produce spectacular results when used, stopping them might result in your natural lashes falling out or weakening, as well as other serious, long-term side effects.
That's why, once again, it's critical to speak with your dermatologist to select one that will provide you with the finest results—not only now, but in the future. Choose a natural, safe serum that you like and use a clean brush to apply it twice a day. (For example, Careprost eye drops provide single-use disposable applicator brushes to reduce the possibility of bacterial or fungal contamination or illness.) Here are some of our favorite, editor-approved lash serums.
3. Try Castor and Coconut Oils
If you're wary about lash serums, want to avoid chemicals, or have been irritated while using them, there are a few natural Homemade options worth considering.
Although there is no scientific evidence to support the use of castor oil or coconut oil for eyelash development, I believe the moisturizing characteristics of these oils may be beneficial if your lashes are becoming brittle and broken as a result of the usage of mascara, eyelash glue, and curling devices.
While there is no direct scientific evidence that castor oil actually encourages lash growth, it does appear to have some hair-related advantages (and your lashes, by extension). Castor oil has been demonstrated to improve hair shine in at least one research. It won't harm your hair in any way, and it may even help to condition it, improving the elasticity of the hair fiber.
4. For Instant Gratification, Get Lash Extensions
If everything else fails, lash extensions, which are semi-permanent fiber applied to your natural lashes (using a glue-like solution) to make them appear fuller, longer, and darker, are a viable option.
In reality, when properly placed, they're quite stunning and natural-looking (due to high-quality fiber that ranges from synthetic to silk to mink), and you can even customize your look with different colors, lengths, and curl patterns. Just don't try this at home (duh)—you'll need to talk to a professional.
Make sure you're seeing someone who is well trained and knowledgeable in the lash application. They're painless, nearly waterproof, and almost completely safe (there's always the possibility of irritation or infection, but this is usually extremely unlikely).
5. Alternatively, a Lash Lift to enhance your natural lashes.
A lash perm or lift, which employs a chemical solution to curl your lashes from base to tip, is another option. (Yes, you can finally put that lash curler away.) Rather than using extensions, a lash perm makes use of your natural lashes for a completely natural look and feel.
It's worth noting that the procedure normally starts with a tint, and your lash specialist may judge that your lashes are already too short, damaged, or weak to benefit from a lash perm. (You'll need plenty of styles, just like your hair.) It's usually a painless and highly effective process.Buy Careprost effective eyelash serum online at the lowest price on Genericaura.

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